We have got lots of theories on why certain men are magnets to women – and as you can see from our previous postings (see here and here) you will understand that we are students of seduction, and will do whatever it takes in order to understand the psyche if women! In this short article, we will investigate why Donald Trump is able to seduce women as beautiful as Melania and Marla Maples!

It’s easy to conclude that Donald Trump is attractive to women simply because he is rich – that’s as obvious as a man in shorts and pierced nipples walking in a gay parade together with other flamboyant homosexuals in San Francisco. We concluded that Donald Trump is able to score with the ladies simply because he is a real estate mogul.

Real Estate Investment – A Demonstration of High Value

There’s something inherently primitive and seductive about real estate. True, entrepreneurs have been touting real estate as one of the best investments out there simply because there isn’t much development land anymore. Alas, the life of a real estate agent is hectic and rather unglamorous. But there’s no denying of the fact that despite the foreclosures that have been plaguing the American economy, in certain other parts of the world properties seem to still be bought and sold at a rather lower price. If you do not believe me, look at the prices of Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia properties. Compare and contrast those with the listings that you find at a site like, say, Trulia.com or Zillow. For the same price of a two-bedroom apartment in Detroit, you can live like a king in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (or known as KLCC) enclave in the exquisite Binjai On The Park condominium. True story.

Now back to how this links up with dating and seducing women. If you’re living in a two-bedded apartment in Detroit, you won’t have much seductive power than, say, if you’re balling like a bitch in 11 Mont Kiara (MK11) apartment in Mont Kiara, Malaysia. Well, unless you’re white and you win rap battles. Life is so much easier as a seducer if you already own a swanky piece of premium real estate anywhere in the world. Just say that you own apartments in Marc Service Residence, Stonor Park and Desa Kudalari and all the women in Beach Club will flock to you. This doesn’t matter even if you look like Ghadafi’s left buttock.

Makes a whole lotta sense to us! 🙂