Ever since the controversial “expose” of the October Man Sequence by Neil Strauss in his seminal book The Game, this covert attraction technique has been one of the most sought after in the seduction world. Invented by a rather secretive seduction master (known only by its pseudonym IN10SE), the October Man is known to be able to create emotionally-dependent women using selected phrases and conversational devices based on hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (otherwise known as NLP) concepts such as “symbol morphology” and fractionation.

Learn fractionation, the foundation of the October Man Sequence by going to the FractionationX.com website.

The truth about the October Man routine is that it is rather difficult to execute properly, and it goes beyond the usual pickup lines or routines that “demonstrate high value” promoted by many dating gurus and seduction experts. If you have problems approaching women and creating an initial bond with them then you won’t be able to make this technique work for you at all unfortunately. However you can use a “stripped down” version of the October Man Sequence as shown below in order to get the typically fast results minus the usual complication associated with the technique.

How To Seduce A Woman Using The October Man Sequence

First of all, develop basic rapport with her. If you need the specific techniques on this, Google “conversational seduction” or go to sites like http://seductionfaq.com/blog and try out the basic rapport building techniques. Remember that you will need to know about basic rapport building for this to actually work.

Remember that the key ingredient of how to seduce a woman effectively and get her attracted to you is to work her on the emotional level. Hence, get her emotionally “addicted” to you by making her go through an emotional roller coaster:-

  1. Get her to relate to you a past experience which makes her HAPPY,
  2. Repeat by getting her to relate to you an experience which makes her SAD, and
  3. Repeat the cycle above.

You want to stimulate the effect that a typical soap opera has on a woman. If you can do this effectively then you will be able to make any woman fall in love with you and think about you all the time.

Of course, the real October Man Routine is more complicated than this, but the gist of it remains the same (creating a “symbol”, anchoring it to you, and associating yourself with positive emotions, etc), and if you can pull off the above then you will see instant improvement in your seduction game.