Trying to seduce your dream girl is definitely a very hard thing to do, most of all if you don’t really know much about her yet. After all, girls and guys are completely different from one another, so female psychology is completely different from make psychology, as well. However, if you can learn how to pinpoint the girl’s right personality type, you can learn how to seduce her with ease, too.

Auditory girls, for one, are the girls who like to hear every single description in the book. So, if you are telling a story about a day when you went fishing, they will want to know what the river was like and whether you saw any waterfalls. They Picture of female psychology seductionwill also ask side questions about the friends that you went with and what the water sounded like.

Because of this, you have to make sure you have good descriptions and narrations ready. Basically, if you want to learn how to seduce a girl with this type of personality, you have to be very descriptive and loud in order to make an impression on their female psychology. These girls also like seeing many theatrics going on during a conversation and want guys to be more confident and bold than everybody else.

Of course, using a technique such as Fractionation will give you the shortcut when it comes to using female psychology tactics to seduce a woman, but some consider that as “cheating” because it makes everything so simple.

Visual girls, on the other hand, want to see every single thing demonstrated visually. So, if you are talking about the moon, point to a light in the room, for example. Basically, if the girl you want to seduce has a visual personality, you have to give her a lot of gifts and become more visually creative overall.

So, all you really have to do in order to master female psychology is to learn which personality type your dream girl belongs to. To do this, just wait for the right buzzwords when she describes things or talks to you about something and you should have no trouble deciphering her personality type in the end. This is how to seduce a woman if you want to leverage on cutting-edge female psychology techniques.