How To Seduce A Woman

If you want to learn how to seduce a woman, then you need to know that there are various things you can do in order to make a woman see you in a certain way. And, contrary to popular belief, good looks and money have nothing to do with it. In fact, you can actually take full control of the things that you can do if you want to learn how to make a girl go crazy over you. Read on…

How To Seduce A Woman – Killer Ways To Make Her Fall For You

  • Work on your appearance.

Here’s the deal: you don’t need to have good looks by nature in order to learn how to seduce a woman. In fact, there are several disadvantages that come with good looks. First of all, a lot of girls will think that you’re a player. However, this shouldn’t stop you when trying to improve your overall appearance. Picture of how to seduce a woman

What you really need to focus on in this department is how fit you are, what your clothes look, what your hair is like, and how you move your body. Ideally, you should improve yourself within all of these areas in order to look your absolute best and succeed at making a girl go crazy over you. This will, in turn, make you feel much more confident and help you make a better impression on girls, in general.

  • Practice good social skills.

Some girls do not like geeks and nerds not because they are considered to be geeky or nerdy, but because they lack in social skills. Conversely, these guys are very smart, though, and girls find intelligence very attractive. So, if you want to learn how to make a girl go crazy over you, you have to be both smart and social. This will make girls want to connect with you more.

One easy way to “hack it” when it comes to social skills is to use Fractionation. More on this later, but if you’re impatient then scroll down or Google it.

One thing you can do to really make a girl go crazy over you is work on your conversational skills. If you show a girl that you can talk about various subjects, she will feel more deeply connected with you in the end. Plus, she will be very happy to introduce you to her family members and friends in the end, as well. Again, Fractionation will help.

  • Keep your energy levels up.

Energy can generally refer to various things, such as flirting, building up tension, or sending butterflies into a girl’s stomach. Ideally, you should try and do all of these things, though. Basically, you really just have to use your energy to make a girl go crazy over you and make her want to be around you more.

Ways to seduce a woman and make her like youTo become more energetic in her eyes, try to make her laugh, be spontaneous, touch her lightly every now and then, inject some sexual innuendo into your conversations and be playful. All of these things will make her think of you in a different light in no time.

  • Compliment the girl that you like.

Now, listen up because this is important: the way you compliment a girl can either make or break your future with her. After all, she might get compliments a lot of the time and thus take them for granted or she simply doesn’t believe the compliments that guys usually send her way. So, what should you do, then?

In a nutshell, you should only compliment girls on the things that are actually unique to her. If you need help figuring out what that is, ask yourself what makes her beautiful at that certain point in time. Is it what she is wearing? If so, then compliment her on her clothes.

  • Be unpredictable.

If you really want to drive a girl crazy, then you have to be as unpredictable as possible. Remember: once a girl feels like she has you completely figured out, then you have to change things around and try to catch her off-guard all over again.

The same goes for the bedroom. Believe it or not, very few girls actually get to experience orgasms in their lives. So, if you can become an expert in the world of seduction, then you are sure to win her over in no time. To help you out a notch, you can also learn about

  1. What she likes and dislikes,
  2. What she wants and needs,
  3. What she desires and is passionate about,
  4. Her dream home or favorite part of town,
  5. What she hopes and dreams for, and
  6. What she feels and what she fears, etc. This will help you explore her in more ways than one and in ways that she has never been explored in before.
Methods of seducing women

If you know how to seduce women then the sky’s the absolute limit!

Overall, if you can bring all of her hidden feelings out into the open without inhibitions, then you are sure to succeed at helping her experience an unforgettable and mind-blowing orgasm in no time. Then, as she screams in pleasure and quivers in excitement, you will know how great you are making her feel and how much you are building up your connection.

  • Be confident.

Confidence is one of the most important traits that you need if you want to master how to seduce a woman. How you behave and talk in her presence, for example, will show her how comfortable you actually are in your skin. Plus, everything else won’t mean a thing if you don’t showcase any confidence while talking to a girl – remember that.

In fact, in order to be on top of your game, confidence is an absolute must while learning how to seduce a woman. After all, confident guys are positive energy sources and attraction tends to happen quite naturally when a guy is confident since girls love guys with that vibrant kind of energy in their systems.

If you throw in some arrogance and cockiness into the mix, then you could even end up with a killer formula on how to make a girl go crazy over you and double your attraction levels in no time. Remember: if you want to Picture of womanchallenge a girl, you have to make yourself as desirable and irresistible as possible, and these traits are sure to help you out in that department.

  • Use Fractionation.

Not many guys know this, but master seducers have been using covert persuasion techniques to seduce women to gain an edge over other guys who don’t. A technique known as “fractionation” is reputed to be the “grand daddy” of all covert seduction tactics, and is said to be able to make any woman fall in love rather quickly (from 15 minutes or even less). It’s powerful stuff, but there’s a problem…

If you agree to use this technique responsibly and without malice, then click here to watch a video on how to seduce a woman using Fractionation. If you have bad intentions towards women, or want to use the technique to harm women emotionally, then do NOT watch.

In short: be responsible, and at the same time I will NOT be held for any action you may choose to take resulting from the information that you obtain from watching that video. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Why Donald Trump Is Seductive To Women

We have got lots of theories on why certain men are magnets to women – and as you can see from our previous postings (see here and here) you will understand that we are students of seduction, and will do whatever it takes in order to understand the psyche if women! In this short article, we will investigate why Donald Trump is able to seduce women as beautiful as Melania and Marla Maples!

It’s easy to conclude that Donald Trump is attractive to women simply because he is rich – that’s as obvious as a man in shorts and pierced nipples walking in a gay parade together with other flamboyant homosexuals in San Francisco. We concluded that Donald Trump is able to score with the ladies simply because he is a real estate mogul.

Real Estate Investment – A Demonstration of High Value

There’s something inherently primitive and seductive about real estate. True, entrepreneurs have been touting real estate as one of the best investments out there simply because there isn’t much development land anymore. Alas, the life of a real estate agent is hectic and rather unglamorous. But there’s no denying of the fact that despite the foreclosures that have been plaguing the American economy, in certain other parts of the world properties seem to still be bought and sold at a rather lower price. If you do not believe me, look at the prices of Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia properties. Compare and contrast those with the listings that you find at a site like, say, or Zillow. For the same price of a two-bedroom apartment in Detroit, you can live like a king in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (or known as KLCC) enclave in the exquisite Binjai On The Park condominium. True story.

Now back to how this links up with dating and seducing women. If you’re living in a two-bedded apartment in Detroit, you won’t have much seductive power than, say, if you’re balling like a bitch in 11 Mont Kiara (MK11) apartment in Mont Kiara, Malaysia. Well, unless you’re white and you win rap battles. Life is so much easier as a seducer if you already own a swanky piece of premium real estate anywhere in the world. Just say that you own apartments in Marc Service Residence, Stonor Park and Desa Kudalari and all the women in Beach Club will flock to you. This doesn’t matter even if you look like Ghadafi’s left buttock.

Makes a whole lotta sense to us! :)

How To Seduce A Woman Using The October Man Sequence

Ever since the controversial “expose” of the October Man Sequence by Neil Strauss in his seminal book The Game, this covert attraction technique has been one of the most sought after in the seduction world. Invented by a rather secretive seduction master (known only by its pseudonym IN10SE), the October Man is known to be able to create emotionally-dependent women using selected phrases and conversational devices based on hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (otherwise known as NLP) concepts such as “symbol morphology” and fractionation.

Learn fractionation, the foundation of the October Man Sequence by going to the website.

The truth about the October Man routine is that it is rather difficult to execute properly, and it goes beyond the usual pickup lines or routines that “demonstrate high value” promoted by many dating gurus and seduction experts. If you have problems approaching women and creating an initial bond with them then you won’t be able to make this technique work for you at all unfortunately. However you can use a “stripped down” version of the October Man Sequence as shown below in order to get the typically fast results minus the usual complication associated with the technique.

How To Seduce A Woman Using The October Man Sequence

First of all, develop basic rapport with her. If you need the specific techniques on this, Google “conversational seduction” or go to sites like and try out the basic rapport building techniques. Remember that you will need to know about basic rapport building for this to actually work.

Remember that the key ingredient of how to seduce a woman effectively and get her attracted to you is to work her on the emotional level. Hence, get her emotionally “addicted” to you by making her go through an emotional roller coaster:-

  1. Get her to relate to you a past experience which makes her HAPPY,
  2. Repeat by getting her to relate to you an experience which makes her SAD, and
  3. Repeat the cycle above.

You want to stimulate the effect that a typical soap opera has on a woman. If you can do this effectively then you will be able to make any woman fall in love with you and think about you all the time.

Of course, the real October Man Routine is more complicated than this, but the gist of it remains the same (creating a “symbol”, anchoring it to you, and associating yourself with positive emotions, etc), and if you can pull off the above then you will see instant improvement in your seduction game.

How To Seduce Women

Before you learn about how to seduce women quickly you must first realize the ultimate truth when it comes to seducing and dating women. No amount of reading will ever replace the effectiveness of actually going out there and approaching women on a daily basis. Don’t ever fall into the trap of being a keyboard jockey who only posts on seduction websites and forums.

It’s actually quite easy to completely master the art of seduction as long as you know what to do. Many self proclaimed dating masters out there tend to overcomplicate things when it comes to dating and seducing females – simply because they want to make a quick buck out of desperate guys who want to improve their love lives. In fact, knowing how to seduce a woman might be the easiest thing that you do. All you need are a couple of powerful female psychology techniques and your love life will be sorted. Read on to discover what these seduction techniques are and achieve killer results fast…

How To Seduce Women – Techniques That Will Turbocharge Your Seduction Powers By 300%

  1. Research the best seduction techniques available. It’s pretty easy to learn about seduction tricks and tactics nowadays. You just need to go to a good website to learn about everything you need to know when it comes to dating and love. One such resource is the blog. Awesome content, and populated by seduction masters who know how to make women fall in love amazingly quickly. Check it out. Also, reading some seduction books will also bring you lots of benefits.
  2. Develop deep rapport with women. Before you can seduce a woman you must first create deep rapport with her. It’s easy if you know how. Some guys tend to use techniques such as Fractionation and the famed October Man Sequence in order to sharpen their rapport building skills.
  3. Learn hypnosis. Not many guys know this, but the best techniques to make a woman fall in love tend to originate from the field of hypnosis. If you are not comfortable with using hypnosis to seduce women then you should just check out some general female psychology techniques that you can adapt into your seduction process.

How To Seduce Women – Choosing Guides But Avoiding The Pitfalls

A dating guide happens to be vital if you want to succeed in your search for love – believe it. In fact, a lot of guys in today’s day and age opt for this cheap and convenient want to meet women who can make their lives worth living – and for good reason. However, there are also several guys out there who aren’t ready for this particular idea. Well, just think about it this way: what have you got to lose?

If you keep failing in the dating department, then the fact is that you will need some sort of dating guide. After all, these guides have the direction that you need to make sure that you succeed in the dating game. Fortunately, there are a lot of dating guides available for you out there, a lot of which will be worth it, but some of which won’t. Because of this, it would be vital to know which pitfalls to watch out for when choosing a dating guide to begin with. Read on to find out how to choose the best guides on how to seduce a woman and avoid making mistakes that others make…

How To Seduce Women – Choosing Guides But Avoiding The Pitfalls

  • Pitfall Number One: Not doing enough research.

Before anything else, you have to ensure that you do enough research to establish what dating guides have to offer you. Ideally, your dating guide of choice should give you the information that you need on how to get the kind of girl you are interested in. Also, you should find dating guides that already come highly recommended by other readers and users.

  • Pitfall Number Two: Failing to check what the guide has to offer.

On that note, you need to remember that not every dating guide in today’s market will be able to give you the methods, services and results that you want and need, either. So, make sure you check what each dating guide has to offer before you make your final decision.

Overall, the ultimate seduction guide should provide you with a ton of dating information, including advice and tips on how to seduce a woman quickly and successfully. So, make sure you at least skim through the guide before buying it. Some dating tips might include how to create dating profiles online or how to talk to strangers.

  • Pitfall Number Three: Not following the tips in the guide.

Picture on how to seduce womenSome of the most vital tips to read and follow would including having the perfect composure while looking for dates and overcoming your low self-esteem when trying to build a connection with someone. Other helpful tips would be those that will help you through a relationship and a first date. Ideally, your dating guide of choice should guide you through all of the aspects mentioned above, as well. However, it should also help you various other fields, such as online dating, if you need it.

  • Pitfall Number Four: Choosing the wrong dating guide.

Now, it is true that choosing the perfect dating guide for you can be very hard, most of all since there are a lot of different choices in today’s market. Not only will it be frustrating for you since you won’t have any idea which book to choose, but it would also be vital because choosing the wrong guide might lead you to losing your dream girl in the end.

Think about it: do you want to ruin your only chance with the girl of your dreams? Most of the time, men look for dating guides because they don’t have any ideas left in the world of dating or simply have no idea what to do anymore. So, make sure you choose the perfect guide for you before making that big commitment.

Also, look for “specialized” guides if possible – for example, a generic guide might not make the cut if you want to know how to attract Asian women.

  • Pitfall Number Five: Choosing the first dating guide you see.

On that note, a lot of guys also run to bookstores and buy the first interesting dating guide that they see without actually knowing what they want to begin with. Unfortunately, the majority of guys out there don’t realize that buying a random book won’t help them out in any way. In fact, it might just confuse them more in the end, thus resulting in a complete waste of money and a failed investment. So, instead, you need to concentrate on your interests in the dating world. Some dating guides will teach you how men and women are different, for example, while others will give you practical and basic tips on dating, in general.

  • Pitfall Number Six: Not thinking about the benefits.

Although there are different types of dating guides for men out there, it would still be vital for you to choose one that will provide you with the best benefits for you. Remember: dating guides should be chosen in terms of their content and how they can address your dating needs in an effective manner. If you find the right one, you are sure to find it extremely useful in the long term.

For example, if you know that you want quick, effective techniques, then you might want to go for a guide on fractionation, for example. For more information, go to: for a concise guide on using this technique.

  • Pitfall Number Seven: Going to a bookstore to buy a dating guide.

Now, it is true that there are a lot of great dating guides in regular bookstores, but you really shouldn’t dismiss the fact that there are some greatA guide on how to seduce women quickly ones online, as well. In fact, various online guides can provide you with great benefits. You can even save some money by buying it online, for example.

Buying guides online is very easy, as well. All you have to do is have an online connection and choose your option of payment. The money will then be sent through a secure platform that will help you reach a safe, effective and fast money transfer. Most of the time, online guides will come with special offers, as well. You will also find a wide array of different guides, for that matter – definitely a satisfying process overall.

The good news is that, although there are a ton of dating guides in today’s market, a lot of them will actually help you improve your overall chances of finding good dates and maybe even your soul mate. All you have to do is assess your situation with the utmost care, break it down into several key areas that you have to improve on and make your choice accordingly. You are sure to find something that will give you the kind of advice that you need in no time.

How To Seduce A Woman Into Bed

Believe it or not, it is possible to get women all hot for you just by saying the right words – yes, that’s how easy it is! Now, if you believe that getting women all hot for you doesn’t really matter, you need to think again. See, if you have the power to make women long for you sexually, you will no longer have to worry about getting dumped – ever.

Have you ever wondered why so many pretty young women out there with hour-glass figures stay with men who are ugly as hell and have crappy jobs? Well, it’s because these men have sex techniques up their sleeves that can keep any woman completely satisfied. Keep reading to find out how to make women like that desire you intensely like never before… here’s exactly how to seduce a woman into bed -

How to Get Woman All Hot – Make Her Pin You Onto Your Bed With These Techniques

  • Get Exposed”. Focus on your good traits. For instance, is your butt nice and firm? Then try to bend over a lot so she can get a great view of it. Pick things up from the floor when she’s around, as well, or brush against her if you can. Try not to do it too much, though; it’s important to stay discreet.
  • “Practice Sexual Teasing”. If you really want to make women all hot for you, you need to use your vocals properly. This means that you have to speak with a low and slow voice. Think: Barry White! Whiny voices will never score points with the ladies, after all.

How To Seduce A Woman – Dating Books With The Seduction Knowledge You Need

Visit any bookstore of your choice and you are sure to see tons of dating books stacked on the shelves, written to help men understand women more and how to attract them. The majority of men out there end up buying these books due to the mere fact that they are already out of ideas on how to win a girl over or simply have no idea what to do anymore when it comes to the woman that they like.

Many men tend to get stuck after a few dates, too, and are left wondering why the girl has stopped replying to texts or answering his calls. Yes, there are a lot of ways in which dating books can help men out.

The most important thing that these books on how to seduce a woman can do, though, is help men understand women better. This is important because men could have a horrible time in the dating world without fully understanding the opposite sex. The sad fact is that the majority of guys out there are totally clueless when it comes down to it and can never completely grasp the female mind. Without the essential knowledge of female psychology, they are doomed to fail from the start.

How To Seduce A Woman – Understanding The Female Psyche

Fortunately, good dating books can give you an idea of what the female psyche is like and help you understand it more. In a nutshell, just as with sports teams battling it out on the battlefield, you basically just have to study your opponent as much as possible.

Another thing that dating books can teach you is how to attract a lot of girls at once and get more dates in the process just by keeping them interested. This means that you will also have the power to decide whether you will keep dating or get into a serious relationship for a change. The more dates you go on, the higher your chances will be of attracting top quality women and settling into long-term relationships, as well.

The worst thing you could do, though, is settle down too quickly – remember that. Instead, you have to understand the opposite sex better and learn more about what attracts girls before you can choose which one you want to be in a relationship to seduce women picture

Dating Books – A Pitfall You Must Know

Now, this doesn’t mean that buying dating books in itself will fill your planner with dates with gorgeous women, though. One big pitfall with guys is that they never seem to follow through. Remember: dating books aren’t miracle workers or magic pills. You actually have to use the tips inside of them and apply them properly in your dating life before they can work.

One example is the famous “mind hack” technique known as fractionation. It may well be one of the most effective dating or seduction technique out there in the world today, but knowing the technique is only half the story. You have got to use it daily to get maximum results. Same goes for “dark art” techniques such as the October Man Sequence, for example.

It would also be vital not to buy various dating books without giving it any serious thought. Buying books that are completely wrong for you will actually do you much more harm than good. So, make sure you choose books that focus on your personal weaknesses. This means that you have to take an honest look at yourself and figure out where the trouble lies in your dating life. Think about it. What good would a book about female sexual pleasure do you if you can’t even approach a girl properly yet?

Fortunately, there are various ways you can find the perfect dating book for you. Before even stepping into the dating world, it would be highly recommended to clear your head and figure out what you ant to get out of dating in the end and what you are looking for, in general. Ideally, you should learn how to understand relationship dynamics from one of these books first and get an idea of what to expect out of one.

Playing Mind Games

Remember: the brain is very unpredictable and functions and works in mysterious ways, so it would be practically impossible for you to guess how a woman will feel from one second to the next or what she is thinking for that matter. Only by sharing your thoughts and feelings with one another can you really be together. If you don’t have that connection, then a relationship might never even be in the cards for you. A good dating book for beginners should ask you to talk openly about yourself and not to pretend to be someone you’re not.

Also, you have to remind yourself that everybody has a past and some of the memories in it might not be great ones. So, if the woman you are interested in wants to talk to somebody about her past experiences, listen to her. Conversely, you can show off your own vulnerable and trusting side by revealing some of your own memories from the past. If all goes well, you will be able to understand each other better and help each other get over it. Remember: transparency can help your relationship grow and a better understanding of one another could lead to higher levels of trust, as well.

These are just some of the things that good dating books have to offer. They won’t present you with tried and tested formulas that will work for everybody. Instead, they will ask you to be yourself and to showcase your real desires and dreams, so as not to waste your time looking for somebody you want to spend most of your time with.

how to seduce a girl

It’s not hard to seduce a woman like this if you know “Fractionation”!

In general, honesty, transparency and the proper self-projection would be the keys to a healthy and good relationship if that is what you are looking for. Conversely, if you just want to date around, then you will still be able to build the right amount of chemistry with the woman that you like. So, just be honest and you are sure to succeed in the dating game and win your dream girl over in no time.

The World Wide Web is also filled with various books on how to seduce a woman, so you can choose books that provide genuine advice online, as well. Keep in mind that some only write books to make money from saps, though, so be very careful when choosing which dating book to buy.

Ideally, you should simply look for dating books that provide great tips on dating. Believe it or not, a lot of men out there have already succeeded in the world of dating just by buying a good dating book or two. Try them!

Some stuff that I really like:-

  • October Man Sequence (Google it)
  • Fractionation – a powerful technique that can transform any chump into champ in 15 minutes or less. Go look for “Fractionation Formula”. (I’m not going to link it because the site got banned a year ago and it left a bunch of broken links on this site. Not sure if it’s still available anywhere. If you manage to find it, be sure that it’s the original – one way to check is if the author’s Derek Rake)
  • There are some awesome material on this website on how to pick up girls – check it out.

How To Attract Asian Women

With so many Asian women popping up all over the world, it really wouldn’t be any surprise if you want to learn how to attract Asian women with ease. After all, most articles and movies in today’s day and age portray these women as the kind to be eager to please men.

Plus, a lot of Caucasian men love the exotic look that Asian women exude and are thus quick to want to be in their company. Well, if you want to learn how to attract Asian women, as well, then you need to start by finding out how this can benefit you in the long run to begin with.

How To Attract Asian Women – Using “Tai Chi” Tactics

Obviously, if you want to learn how to attract Asian women, you need to know where you can find them first. This simply means that you have to frequent places where a lot of Asian women hang out.

So, why not try dining at a good Japanese restaurant every week or try attending dances hosted by Asian clubs? You can also do some shopping at Asian shops and talk to the employees there if you want. Believe it or not, the Asian market is also a great place to meet Asian women. So, if you see one that you find attractive there, just put on your best confused look and pick up several items. It is a fact that women always want to try their best and help out men who get lost in the market, so you cannot go wrong with this pickup method. Either way, though, if your main goal is learning how to attract Asian women, then you really need to start looking for great placesPicture of methods to seduce Asian females filled with Orientals as soon as possible.

  • Using cultural differences in attracting women

If you are Caucasian and want to learn how to attract Asian women, you will naturally have to become culturally aware of any differences that might exist in an interracial relationship. Learning how to seduce Asian women might require more effort compared to attracting Caucasian women, for instance, because they will expect you to respect their traditional customs and their overall culture. Also, if you make a cultural mistake during a date with an Asian woman, you can easily ruin your chances with her – remember that.

You have to make sure you don’t appear too forward or brash, either, and pay close attention to how she does things in her home. Then, act accordingly.

When introducing yourself to a beautiful attractive Asian woman, try not to talk about what you think of women with Asian descent. In fact, you should never mention how hot you think Asian women are or you can kiss that woman goodbye right away, in general. Even if you think you are shelling out a compliment, a lot of Asian women will not interpret things that way. You may as well just tell her that you are a jerk upfront and get it over with.

  • Eliminating Asian stereotypes

Another thing to remember while learning how to attract Asian women is to forget all of the stereotypes associated to it, like having a China doll that is ready to follow your every bidding. You aren’t going to get a personal geisha just by dating an Asian woman!

Although movies usually portray Asian women as geishas, exotic dancers, peasants and prostitutes, you should never expect to actually meet one. In fact, if this is your only way of thinking, you are definitely setting yourself up for complete failure.

  • Asian women = subservient?

Now, as stereotypical as this might sound, a lot of traditional Asian women are used to being subservient, though, so you have to show them that you are a real man who can take charge of every situation.(Note that this is applicable to almost every other situation also – and it is a good way on how to seduce a woman of any persuasion).

Overall, earning how to attract Asian women also involves making most of the decisions in the relationship and showing them that you can take care of them, no matter what. Since Asian women will most likely never compete for dominance, they are sure to appreciate your confidence and take-charge attitude in the long run.

  • Sensitivities and how to steer clear of them

To really get on the good side of an Asian woman, you should also try and learn the differences between different Asian nationalities, as well as learn several interesting facts about every nationality and study their different backgrounds.

Some groundwork can actual take you a long way in terms of looking inquisitive and smart in the eyes of an Asian woman. Also, never ask an Asian woman what her nationality is as this will merely annoy or irritate her or make her feel like you are trying to objectify her. Again, Asian women aren’t geishas. They all have unique personalities and they will probably bring up their nationalities themselves when they feel like the time is right anyway.

Once she does tell you about her nationality, you can then demonstrate what you know about her natural heritage and culture through intellectual conversation. (And of course, you can also hack the Learn how to attract asian women in this articleprocess of building and deepening rapport using a technique such as Fractionation). Don’t worry too much about this since Asian women will find your vulnerability endearing, even if you mess up. Naturally, you shouldn’t ask any rude questions, though, like whether they really eat dogs in their country. Even if they did, she will know what other countries think of that fact, so it could ruin your overall chances with her altogether if you bring it up randomly.

  • Using “mind hack” tactics to seduce Asian women

Another thing you can do while learning how to attract Asian women is learn about fractionation and how to use it on them. Asian women happen to be especially susceptible to conversational hypnosis techniques, so fractionation will be very powerful when used on them and there are very high chances that your Asian woman of choice will fall for you in just 15 minutes afterwards. You need to know that this technique can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, though, so only approach it with the utmost care.

Click here to learn how to use Fractionation to seduce women (Asians included!)

How To Seduce A Woman Using Female Psychology

Trying to seduce your dream girl is definitely a very hard thing to do, most of all if you don’t really know much about her yet. After all, girls and guys are completely different from one another, so female psychology is completely different from make psychology, as well. However, if you can learn how to pinpoint the girl’s right personality type, you can learn how to seduce her with ease, too.

Auditory girls, for one, are the girls who like to hear every single description in the book. So, if you are telling a story about a day when you went fishing, they will want to know what the river was like and whether you saw any waterfalls. They Picture of female psychology seductionwill also ask side questions about the friends that you went with and what the water sounded like.

Because of this, you have to make sure you have good descriptions and narrations ready. Basically, if you want to learn how to seduce a girl with this type of personality, you have to be very descriptive and loud in order to make an impression on their female psychology. These girls also like seeing many theatrics going on during a conversation and want guys to be more confident and bold than everybody else.

Of course, using a technique such as Fractionation will give you the shortcut when it comes to using female psychology tactics to seduce a woman, but some consider that as “cheating” because it makes everything so simple.

Visual girls, on the other hand, want to see every single thing demonstrated visually. So, if you are talking about the moon, point to a light in the room, for example. Basically, if the girl you want to seduce has a visual personality, you have to give her a lot of gifts and become more visually creative overall.

So, all you really have to do in order to master female psychology is to learn which personality type your dream girl belongs to. To do this, just wait for the right buzzwords when she describes things or talks to you about something and you should have no trouble deciphering her personality type in the end. This is how to seduce a woman if you want to leverage on cutting-edge female psychology techniques.

How To Seduce A Woman With Deep Rapport Techniques

Mastering the art of building deep rapport with a woman is absolutely crucial to success in dating and seduction. Indeed, knowing how to talk to women is more important than having good looks and/or boatloads of money!

Building emotional rapport with a woman is not difficult – but many guys seem to over-analyze the whole process. If you want a simple, step-by-step method on how to talk your way into a woman’s heart using female psychology and “forbidden” mind hack tactics then check out this video:-

Video on using “mind hack” tricks to seduce women

Warning: My lawyers has asked me to post this disclaimer:-

Because the long-term effect of the psychology techniques involved in this method are yet to be established, you might risk harming a woman’s psyche in the long run. Do not watch this video if you have malicious intent with the usage of this method.